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Meet the paws behind SugarCookie Small Paws!!!
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Sugar is a blue brindle pied frenchie and one of our OGs. She is an absolute sweetheart who loves to snuggle in bed with my daughter.  

Cookie is a black brindle frenchie and is also one of our OGs. She is a hot mess and a complete goofball. When it comes to frenchies she is absolutely perfect.


Twixie is a lilac and tan frenchie. She is our little baby. She still looks like a puppy and is almost full grown.

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Snicker is a lilac fawn frenchie who carries fluffy. She's never met a stranger and is one of the friendliest dogs I've ever met.

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Kahlua is a blue covered in cream frenchie. He is our main squeeze around here. This dude has never had a bad day. He is happy 247. 

Pepper is a lilac merle with tan points. She is one of our up and coming females. Her favorite spot is in my arms ;)

Truffle is a lilac brindle frenchie. As far as frenchies she's as perfect as it gets. She is super tiny and thick with the most relaxed personality. 

Bon Bon is a lilac fawn fluffy frenchie. She is one of our up and coming females. She had the most beautiful eyes and os full of energy. 

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